The carriage of the moon


TITULO: The carriage of the moon

AUTOR: Rosa García Oliver

GÉNERO: Infantil


AÑO: 2019

ISBN: 9788494995026

EDITORIAL: La Rosa de Papel



I still remember that when I was a child, there was a man —Tío Paco– that came to my village —Escombreras– in a carriage with a blue board that read “The rocket to the Moon”, a cart pulled by a donkey with a straw hat, which was called Sinforosa, where the children got on, to go for a ride in exchange for a piece of hard bread for the donkey. The cart had a bell that Tío Paco rang to draw children’s attention. The cart was full of children and those that could not get on it came jumping behind. It was known as “The carriage of the Moon”, and they used to sing: «The carriage of Tío Paco draws me crazy, draws me crazy, because we all want get on it, get on it».

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Dimensiones 230 × 210 cm


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